A 25th Anniversary Humbug Tribute

Featuring Humbugs songs performed by the following bands:


Perry T. Partridge (The Christmas Detective)

Believe it or not, Tree-X got their start in the Emo School of Rockbandery.  Under the name Withered By Numbers, they hoped to earn their emo license and embark on a profitable major-label career.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately in retrospect), during their licensure audition, guitarist Bent Savory accidentally wished the judges "a nice day" without any hint of irony, which is the emo equivalent of a figure skater attempting a triple axle but instead tumbling to the ice and bursting into flames. 

Their career plans suddenly in tatters, the band threw their painstaking training out the window and decided they were going to "play whatever the hell we want," which was, it happily turned out, retro-glam holiday music.  Here, they give the Tree-X treatment to the Humbugs' old detective jingle "Perry T. Partridge." 

Perry T. Partridge (The Christmas Detective)


If someone's out to get you this Yule
You can tell you're being played for a fool
If everything you buy is either stale or defective
Call up Perry T. Partridge, the Christmas detective

Now some grinch has cleaned you out, wall to wall
But your brother lost no gifts at all
What kind of burglar could have been so selective?
Let's ask Perry T. Partridge, the Christmas detective

If your Momma and Santa get wed
While your Poppa lies suspiciously dead
If something is rotten in your Denmark Collective
Call on Perry T. Partridge, the Christmas detective