A 25th Anniversary Humbug Tribute

Featuring Humbugs songs performed by the following bands:


Here Comes Skunky Claus

Flaming Snowballs is a band on a mission from Claus.  As founding member Xero Grav tells the story, several years ago he wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking for an electric guitar for Christmas.  He knew it was a big — and probably unrealistic — Christmas wish, and he didn't really expect anything to come of it. 

Well, to his great surprise, Xero got a letter back from Santa Claus three weeks later.  This time, Santa was the one asking Xero for a favor.  The Jolly Old Elf asked the young lad to form a band that would combine the sunny sound of ska with the snowy spirit of the Christmas season, thereby bringing an entirely new kind of joy to the world.  At the time, Xero didn't know that combining those two completely different styles was considered a musical impossibility.  He just said yes. 

Soon Christmas arrived, and so did a shiny new guitar.  Xero learned to play that guitar, and though it took a few years, he kept his promise to Santa Claus.  Now his band, Flaming Snowballs, is burning up the Christmas charts with their ska-inflected cover of a song by Bah & the Humbugs — "Here Comes Skunky Claus."

Here Comes Skunky Claus


Here comes Skunky Claus
Running around on all four paws
With a big white stripe
And a flying sphere
Skunky Claus is here!

Here comes Skunky Claus
Giving out presents just because
With a bright red hat
And a great big sack
Skunky Claus is back!

I used to think St. Nick was coo
But not any more
When Christmas rolls around guess who
I'll be waiting for
(Skunky Claus!)

If you've been good then you will like
The gifts he brings for you
But if you're bad take my advice
Stay out of your house for a week or two

Here comes Skunky Claus
Bringing more luck than monkey paws
With a wo-wo-wo and a hey-hey-hey
Skunky's on his way!

With his big white stripe and his flying sphere
Skunky Claus is here!

If you remember one thing that I've said all year
Skunky Claus is here!