A 25th Anniversary Humbug Tribute

Featuring Humbugs songs performed by the following bands:


Night Merry

Bursting onto the Northeastern Oklahoma music scene as Sang-Freud, this group specializes in songs focusing on the psyche of famous legendary and mythical figures. Within that geographical area they are well known for their hits "Happily Ever After," "Spider Sense," "Think Think Think" and "Poker Face Joe."

In 1992 they sent notice to Peter Gabriel that they were suing him and his record company over "Kiss that Frog" — which sounded strikingly similar to a 1988 Psychonauts tune "The Frog Prince's Genitals" — but they never heard back.

In 2007 the Psychonauts turned their attention to the psychodynamics of Christmas on the album Polar Bare, which exposed the sometimes-humorous, sometimes-not neuroses and psychoses of North Pole residents. Not surprisingly, the track list leaned heavily on Humbugs covers such as "I'm Not Obsessive," "Same Time Next Year" and "My Psychic Reindeer," supplemented with Psychonauts originals like "Don't Call Me Prancer Today," "Shiny Brown Nose" and "Betty the Yeti."

A standout on Polar Bare, their peppy big-band version of the Humbugs classic "Virginia" almost made it as the Psychonauts' selection for the tribute album, but instead they chose to give the much lesser-known "Night Merry" some newfound attention with their indelible rendition.

Night Merry


I don't know how I got to this point
Everything seems to be out of joint
And I never did the things I was meaning to do
The test is coming and I haven't a clue
And something's not quite right with the sleigh tonight
I told Rudolph and he started to bite!

I can't believe it
I really can't believe it

It's all so strange but somehow it's the same
I always mean to stay ahead of the game
But here I am taking off and my sole cargo
Is three small boxes and they're all made out of snow
We gotta turn around, I try to explain
And then I notice I forgot to bring the reins

I can't believe it
I really can't believe it

There's some kind of obstruction ahead
Oh my god it really is a head
It's my enemy the Grinch, he's 1000 foot tall
Kickin' over Christmas trees and havin' a ball
I see him start laughing as we fly on past
He points at me and I look down with a gasp
No wonder I'm freezing in this circumstance
I'm flying over Sweden and I'm not wearing pants!

I———can't believe it
(Look at your hands)
No I——- really can't believe it
(Look at your hands)