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Free MP3s for Christmas

Why pay money for Christmas music when you can download these fun songs from Bah & the Humbugs? It's free, it's legal, and the MP3s are yours to keep.

You may be asking yourself right about now, "Are any stores open on Christmas?" The answer is: no. But, you can still get great Christmas gifts right here, for free, even on Christmas day! Download your free funny Christmas songs from Bah & the Humbugs, burn them to a CD, wrap them up really nicely, and gift them to everyone you know!

Humbugs Favorites

If you're new to Bah & the Humbugs, check out these fan favorites first: Man in the Christmas Moon | Plain Red Cup | Best Christmas Ever | Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man | Christmas Police | Holly Danger | Christmas Tree From Hell | Santa Hat | Santa Pulled Down My Icicle Lights | My Psychic Reindeer | Christmas to the World | Hurricane Santa | Mr. Big Christmas

Humbugs' Funniest Fake Commercials & Comedy Bits

Whining Christmas Babies | Ornaments on Wheels | Toyminator | WCOMMERCIAL - All Commercials, All the Time | Polar Ade | Northern Lights Beer | Christmas Zoo spot | Santa Cruise spot | 1-888-SANTA-SUIT | Icicle Light Kingdom

Humbugs Jukebox

2022 Singles: Your Christmas Star | Boss of Christmas | Christmas Bonus (Remastered)

2021 Singles: Red-Nose Heroes | Sleigh Riders | The Elves are Restless

2020 Singles: Christmas 2020 | Pantry Clause | Ornamental

2019 Singles: Kickfund My Christmas | Turkey | Bang the Yule Gong

2017 Single: Dark Matter

2016 Single: Man in the Christmas Moon

2015 Singles: Plain Red Cup | Sleigh Boy | Blow Up Santa | Best Christmas Ever

2014 Singles: Crackernuts School of Christmas | Chiller Horror Christmas

2013 Single: The Night Before "The Night Before"

Bigger Than Santa: A 25th Anniversary Humbug Tribute (2010) Click here for lyrics and info about the tribute bands: Mr. Big Christmas [Icicle Light Orchestra] | Santa Hat [John Waiste] | Million Dollar Christmas [Felicity Pepperpot] | Authority Man [Kris Gringo] | Jesus' Funky Christmas [Elf Control] | Perry T. Partridge (The Christmas Detective) [Tree-X] | Pop Christmas [X25] | Frostbite [Myrrhna] | Here Come the Christmas Zombies [Area 25] | Merry or Die [St. Saint] | Currier vs. Ives [DJ CrispMix] | Night Merry [Psychonauts] | Titanic Tannenbaum [Twas] | Mincemeat [Potentially Elves] | No Free Lunch [One Night Holy] | Don't Cry on Christmas [The New Christmas Traditionalists] | Here Comes Skunky Claus [Flaming Snowballs] | Attack of the 50-Foot Santa [The Swamp Coolers] | Cease and Desist [Original North Pole Cast of "Legal!"] | Adventagious [Adventagious] | Mistletoe is Poison [Noella McCoy] | Throw It Down the Chimney [The Twinklers] | Christmas Beer [Dezemberfest] | North Pole Dreamin' [Five Gold Tans] | DËF NOËL [Iron Reindeer]

The 12 Symptoms of Christmas (2007): The One-Minute Manger | My Psychic Reindeer | Christmas in April | No Smoking in the Chimney | Christmas List | E Equals Merry Christmas Squared | Snow Day | All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Starship | The Man with the Sack of Toys | There's a Star | Toy of the Year | All Twelve Days

Single (2005): Stealing the Nativity

The rest of Fahrenheit 12/25 (2004): Fahrenheit 12/25 | Christmas Bar | Inadmissable | Santa Cruise | Christmas to the World

Christmas Songs for Kids (from Fahrenheit 12/25): Getting Christmas off the Ground | Sack Full of Toys | The Christmas Zoo | What I Ate on my Christmas Vacation | All I Want for Christmas | Flinty Sparkmobile |

Another Christmas Ruined (2003): Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man | Christmas Police | The First Snowflake | Monsanto Clause | Black-and-White World | Free the Reindeer | Get Me to the Stable on Time

Jolly Roger, the Christmas Pirate (from Another Christmas Ruined, 2003): The Only Thing | I'm Not Obsessive | The Spirit of Christmas | Jolly Roger, the Christmas Pirate | All You Need is Rum | Arms | Northern Lights Beer | North Pole Champ | The Merriest Christmas of All | The Tao of the Sleigh | The Christmas Pirate | Joyous Ending

Christmas Tree from Hell (2002): Christmas Tree From Hell | Santa Pulled Down My Icicle Lights | Holly Danger | Christmas to the World | Merry Christmas or Else | Hurricane Santa

Merry Christmas from Bah & the Humbugs (2001): 12/25/01 (millennium version | Christmas in July (in August) | Birthday Boy | Christmas Survivor | Reality TV | Escape from Christmas Planet | Peace on Earth | lyrics & info

1998 B-Side: Same Time Next Year

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Since 2001, Bah & the Humbugs have donated their entire revenue from album sales to the United Nations World Food Programme for hunger relief around the world. Read the band's statement on why they support the WFP and how you can help.