Bah & the Humbugs

All The Songs

All I Want for ChristmasS. Lehmkuhl
All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New StarshipNordquist/Guskin/Aster
All I Want for Christmas is My Two Fang TeethGuskin
All It MeansLehmkuhl
All Twelve DaysNordquist
All You Need is RumNordquist
Another Bleeding-Heart Christmas SongWren/Aster
Anything ButWren/Osnato
Are You Happy?Nordquist/Guskin
As Seen on TVAster
Attack of the 50-Foot SantaLehmkuhl
Authority ManLehmkuhl
Baaa HumbugWren
Bang the Yule GongNordquist/Guskin
The Bells of ChristmasWren/Osnato
Benedicamus TeOsnato
Best Christmas EverNordquist
Bethlehem InnHollinger
Big Jerry's Christmas SpecialAster
Big Jerry's House of CrechesAster
Birthday BoyLehmkuhl
Black-and-White WorldWren/Nordquist
Blow Up SantaNordquist
Can't WaitLehmkuhl
Cease and DesistNordquist/Guskin
A Charles Ives ChristmasLehmkuhl
Chico Goes ShoppingAster
Chico Goes to JailAster
Chico Goes to LAAster
Chico Goes to the North PoleAster
Chiller Horror ChristmasNordquist/Guskin
Christmas 2020Nordquist/Guskin
Christmas a la ModeNordquist
Christmas AgainWren/Nordquist
Christmas BarLehmkuhl
Christmas BeerNordquist
Christmas BonusGuskin
The Christmas CardNordquist
Christmas CarolLehmkuhl/Hollinger
Christmas CatchPatanella
Christmas Eve Explosion at the Packing Peanut FactoryGuskin
Christmas EvilGuskin/Nordquist/Patanella
Christmas in AprilHollinger
Christmas in July (in August)Nordquist
Christmas in My HeartW. Stern
Christmas ListWren/Nordquist
Christmas Morning RagOsnato
The Christmas PirateNordquist/Guskin/Aster
Christmas PoliceWren/Lehmkuhl
Christmas PreludeLehmkuhl
Christmas SpiritWren/Nordquist
Christmas SurvivorNordquist/Aster
Christmas to the WorldLehmkuhl
Christmas TrashLehmkuhl
Christmas TreasonNordquist
Christmas Tree from HellPatanella
Christmas WishAster
Christmas with the ClashNordquist
Christmas Without YouNordquist
The Christmas ZooNordquist
Cleanup CrewLehmkuhl/Nordquist
The Crackernuts School of ChristmasNordquist/Guskin
Currier vs. IvesLehmkuhl
Danger: SantaWren/Nordquist
Deadly MedleyNordquist/Traditional
DËF NOËLNordquist
Dreidel D-6000Lehmkuhl
Don't Cry On ChristmasLehmkuhl
E Equals Merry Christmas SquaredNordquist
The Elves are RestlessWren/Aster
Elves' High NoonPatanella/Sullivan
Equal Time for SantaWren/Nordquist
Escape from Christmas PlanetGuskin/Nordquist
Fahrenheit 12/25Guskin/Nordquist
The First SnowflakeNordquist/Aster
Flinty SparkmobileNordquist
Free the ReindeerLehmkuhl
Fruit CakeNordquist/Guskin
Genetically Modified Gingerbread ManNordquist
Get Me to the Stable on TimeLehmkuhl
Getting Christmas off the GroundNordquist
Getting Too OldWren/Aster
Gift RapNordquist/Lehmkuhl
Giving Mike FishNordquist
Here Come the Christmas ZombiesNordquist/Guskin
Here Comes Skunky ClausNordquist
Ho Ho Ho Just Say NoWren/Nordquist
Holly DangerNordquist
Homeless for the HolidaysOsnato
Hunting SongWren
Hurricane SantaNordquist
I Saw Mommy Punch Out Santa ClausNordquist/Lehmkuhl
I'm Beginning to ActNordquist
I'm Not ObsessiveNordquist
Iron KrisPatanella
It's Only a MomentPatanella
Jesus' Funky ChristmasNordquist/Guskin/Aster
Jingle Bell RaveLehmkuhl
Jolly Roger and His Chorus of PiratesNordquist/Guskin
Joy 2Aster
Joyous EndingNordquist/Guskin
Judgement DayHollinger
Jump Up Santa ClausNordquist
Kickfund My ChristmasNordquist
Let's Put the X Back in X-MasWren/Nordquist
The Little Programmer BoyNordquist
The Little Strummer GirlNordquist/Guskin/Aster
Man in the Christmas MoonNordquist
The Man with the Sack of ToysAster/Traditional
Manger AbuzzAster
The Merriest Christmas of AllNordquist
Merry Christmas or ElseLehmkuhl
Merry or DieNordquist
Million Dollar ChristmasNordquist
Mistletoe is PoisonLehmkuhl
Monsanto ClauseLehmkuhl
Mr. Big ChristmasNordquist
My Psychic ReindeerNordquist
Natural Born DancerAster
New YearWren/Lehmkuhl
New Year SongNordquist
The 90s Are ComingNordquist
The Night Before The Night BeforeNordquist/Guskin
Night MerryLehmkuhl
No Free LunchAster
No MikeNordquist/Hollinger
"No, Mr. President"Wren
No SantaHollinger
No Smoking in the ChimneyLehmkuhl
Nodded HellLehmkuhl
The North Pole ChampNordquist/Guskin
North Pole Dreamin'Wren/Lehmkuhl
Northern LightsNordquist
Not So Far AwayWren/Nordquist
Nothing for ChristmasNordquist
Obsolete Meat Part 2Nordquist
The One-Minute MangerLehmkuhl
The Only Thing on Jenny's ListNordquist
Open FireLehmkuhl
Ornaments on WheelsLehmkuhl
Outta My ChimneyNordquist
Pantry ClauseNordquist
Peace on EarthNordquist
Perry T. Partridge (The Christmas Detective)Nordquist
Plain Red CupNordquist
Plenty of RoomLehmkuhl
Pop ChristmasLehmkuhl
Presents of MineNordquist
Ready for the Ice Age (Ho Ho Ho)Wren/Nordquist
The Real SantaWren/Aster
Reality TVWren/Nordquist
Red-Nosed Reindeer SectWren/Patanella
Round and Round (A Christmas Sound)Nordquist
Sack Full of ToysNordquist
Same Time Next YearGuskin/Nordquist
Santa Claus Drops InAster
Santa Claus is Going to HellBah & the Humbugs
Santa CruiseLehmkuhl
Santa HatNordquist/Lehmkuhl
Santa Pulled Down My Icicle LightsNordquist/Guskin
Santa SongHollinger
Sleigh BoyNordquist
Snow DayLehmkuhl
The Spirit of Christmas PresentsNordquist
The StarPatanella
Stealing the NativityLehmkuhl
Supply-Side SantaWren/Lehmkuhl
The Tao of the SleighNordquist
There's a Freudian in My ChimneyWren/Nordquist
There's a StarNordquist/Lehmkuhl
This Merry HolidayLehmkuhl
Three KingsNordquist
Three Wise MenNordquist
Throw It Down the ChimneyAster
Titanic TannenbaumNordquist
Toy of the YearPatanella
The ToyminatorBah & the Humbugs
12/25 - 1Aster
12/25/88Wren/G. Kennedy
WCOMMERCIAL: All Commercial RadioGuskin
WCOMMERCIAL: All Commercials, All the TimeGuskin
We Three QueensWren/Aster
What I Ate on My Christmas VacationNordquist
When Santa Doesn't Like YouWren/Nordquist
The Whining Christmas BabiesGuskin
Winter CatAster
Wishing for the MoonPatanella
Xmas with XNordquist
You Decimated My TreeWren/Nordquist
You Decorated My TreeNordquist