Bigger Than Santa: A 25th Anniversary Humbug Tribute

If you were Bah & the Humbugs, America's Premier Satiric Christmas Rock Band™, what would you do to celebrate your 25th anniversary? What could possibly be grand enough, merry enough, and contrary enough to do justice to a quarter-century of groundbreaking Christmas satire?

You might say, "Let's do a double album! Let's get 25 different bands to record cover versions of 25 of our songs, in every different musical style imaginable! Let's have a 25-hour-long Christmas Eve concert! And let's have that concert on the Moon, in a specially built Christmas Moon-dome, covering the entire face of the Moon visible from the Earth! And let's light that Moon-dome up in 25 colors, a different color for each hour of the concert! And let's broadcast the concert live via satellite to the entire solar system — on every channel! — to usher in a new galaxywide era of hope, peace, joy, and love! And we'll sell commemorative T-shirts in 25 different styles! It's going to be huge! Gigantic! Titanic! Bigger than Santa!"

You might say that, if you were Bah & the Humbugs and you were celebrating your 25th anniversary. In fact, that was pretty much along the lines of what the Humbugs themselves were thinking. Unfortunately, the corporate sponsors flaked out, the Moon was already booked solid by Celine Dion, and the concert organizers are right this moment in the back room trying to come up with "Plan D."

But we do have this new album, "Bigger Than Santa." With 2 CDs, and 25 bands performing 25 songs, it's an incredible musical Christmas adventure, a milestone achievement celebrating Bah & the Humbugs' amazing twenty-five years.

Click here for more info, downloads of all 25 songs, album art, facts about the participating bands, and even more tributey goodness!

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