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June 20, 2004

One Terabyte Drive

Data's new address is One Terabyte Drive! That's right, you can now buy a hard drive for your PC that's so astonishingly huge, it's practically infinite in size. You could never fill this baby up, no matter what kind of files you have! Impress your friends! Be the first on your block to own this mighty drive!

written by Paul Nordquist + performed by Paul Nordquist (vocals) and the Zongo Session Players

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I'm moving my data to a new address
One that's the ultimate sign of success
One Terabyte Drive
One Terabyte Drive, yeah
I have finally arrived on a One Terabyte Drive

I'm calling it the "Datasaurus Rex"
Your iPods are nothing but bite size snacks
For a one terabyte drive
One terabyte drive
Oh, I feel so alive with my big one terabyte drive, yeah

Megabytes, gigabytes, step to the rear
You can all go home now that Terabyte's here
One terabyte drive
One terabyte drive. yeah
You can give me a high five 'cause it's a one terabyte drive, yeah

I'm the first on the block
Ahead of the pack
You can tell Mr. Gates he can kiss my Mac
With the one terabyte drive
One terabyte drive
Who's the cool cat with the one terabyte drive? (That cat is me!)

I can save every file 'til the end of time
And I'll never fill up this computer of mine
With the one terabyte drive
One terabyte drive
I have finally arrived with my one --
one mighty terabyte that's a thousand-some gigabytes --
hard -- oh baby it's a hard --

Alert: Disk is full. The system will crash in 12 seconds. 10, 9, 8...

Hey, whaddaya mean "Disk is full"?! What kind of @#%&! is that?!
Hey, Mom! MOM!! I need a bigger hard drive! It's gotta be at least two terabytes...

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