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March 7, 2004

Freedom is the New Word for French

Our vocabulary is changing, and people are confused. Sure, we know "French fries" have become "freedom fries," but is "French bread" now "freedom bread"? Has the "French flag" become the "freedom flag"? Let us straighten out this linguistic tangle for you.

written by Paul Nordquist + performed by Paul Nordquist (vocals) and the Zongo Session Players

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Hey, have you heard about freedom?
'Freedom' is the new word for 'French'
Yeah, I'm talking about 'freedom'
'Freedom' is the new word for 'French'
So everybody say 'freedom'
'Cause some people don't like the word 'French'

They think it's a curse word
Can't think of a worse word
To hear them talk you'd think it has an unbearable stench

So remember, say 'freedom'
Whenever you're about to say 'French'

Don't say 'French fries'
Say 'freedom fries!'
No more French toast
It's 'freedom toast!'
Don't drink French wine
Drink freedom wine!
'Cause nothing is as fine
As freedom in your wine

Don't wear French braids
Wear freedom braids!
Don't play French horn
Play freedom horn!
No more French kiss
Let's freedom kiss!
With the freedom kind of passion
You'll be the height of fashion
Vive la freedom!

So have you heard about 'French'?
'French' is the new word for 'freedom'
I'm talking 'bout 'French'
'French' is the new word for 'freedom'
And it kind of makes sense, 'cause the French
Were the inventors of democracy and freedom

The French gave us liberty
Then they gave us the Statue of Liberty
And time and again
They always help out when we need 'em

So everybody say 'French'
'Cause 'French' is the new word for 'freedom'

Don't say 'freedom of speech'
Say 'French of speech'
Don't say 'freedom of the press'
Say 'French of the press'
Don't say 'An overzealous administration
Is steadily chipping away at our freedom'
'An overzealous administration
Is steadily chipping away at our French'

It's when your rights get taken away
That you realize just how much you need 'em
And then it's time to stand up and say
We've all got to fight for our. . .

We've all got to fight for our French
Yes, we'll never give up our French
Oh, we love our French
You can't take away our French
Yes, we're all gonna fight for our French!

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