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The group was started in order to deal with the overwhelming amount of flames, spam, trolls and story ideas that were the hallmark of the unmoderated group. These pages contain the FAQs and RFD for the newsgroup.



Who are the Moderators?

Note: If there is no mailto: link, then that moderator has asked not to have moderation email sent to their address. Please respect this request.

You can reach the moderators at:
To post messages to the group:

The B5 Newbie mailing list

The B5 Newbie mailing list is a place for those new to Babylon 5 to discuss the show without fear of spoilers. Once episodes aired in the US and the UK, posts about those episodes were no longer moderated for spoilers on rastb5m.

To join the mailing list send email to: with the word "subscribe" in the text.

Other Links

People of rastb5mod - A place where the folks who frequent the Usenet group can post personal info like photos and web links.