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Paul Nordquist is a songwriter, musician, and producer. He has recorded a number of rock albums as a solo artist and as a member of Left Brain, Monster Crossing, Green Beings, and the satiric Christmas rock band Bah & the Humbugs. He served as the music director of and Paul has taught and blogged about the craft of songwriting.

In the 1980s Paul studied piano and music theory at Oberlin College and composed several stage musicals. In recent years he has composed music for meditation albums, radio shows, and short films. In 2014, Paul composed the musical soundtrack for the short film Stud.


Paul Nordquist's Soundcloud Page • latest works and works in progress

Paul Nordquist's Unruly Beast of a Songblog • rock songwriting instruction and inspiration

Irrational Number (Pi Part One) • Paul Nordquist's song for memorizing pi • listen free online

99 Ways to Make a Difference (in 99 Seconds) • Green Beings' song about global warming • listen free online

Green Beings • environmentally sustainable pop-rock band • listen free online • fun songs for kids • listen free online • humorous and topical songs • listen free online

Bah & the Humbugs • satirical Christmas rock band • listen free online

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Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man

written by Paul Nordquist • performed by Bah & the Humbugs
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My Big Fat Starship

written by Paul Nordquist • from
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Boss of You

written by Paul Nordquist • from
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Cheese Shop of Horrors

written by Paul Nordquist • performed by Green Beings
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PAUL PLAYS: synthesizer and piano, and sometimes bass, guitar, saxophone, accordion, sleighbells...

CRITICS RAVE: "The twinkle of the evening is Paul Nordquist" -- The New York Times (1987)

ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES: studied classical music at Oberlin College (1980s)

GOTH CRED: recording engineer on The Red Masque's debut album (2001)

15 NANOSECONDS OF FAME: interviewed on CNN as a member of Bah & the Humbugs (2002)

CUTTING ROOM FLOOR: an extra in the shopping mall scenes of The Lovely Bones (2010)

MOST OFF THE WALL GIG: keyboardist in the touring band of a Michael Jackson impersonator (1980s)


Paul Nordquist offers custom, personalized musical services including:

  • songs written for special occasions
  • music composition and production
  • songwriting instruction and coaching

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