Album cover: Monster Crossing/Honk if You Love Monsters Monster Crossing

The new album: Honk if You Love Monsters


Paul Nordquist: vocals, keyboards, alto sax, bass guitar

Amy Guskin: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Mike Bassick: electric guitar, solos

Rick Aster: electric guitar

Nathan-Andrew Dewin: harp

Lauren Edelstein: tenor sax

Paul V. Patanella: trombone

Todd Fronauer: trumpet


produced by Paul Nordquist

all songs written by Paul Nordquist except "Honk (if You Love Monsters)" by Paul Nordquist and Nathan-Andrew Dewin

recorded November 2000-December 2001, Fjordstone Studio, Malvern, PA

cover art: Vance Lehmkuhl

cover concept: Amy Guskin