Kids' Zong of the Week -

October 31, 2004

Monster Halloween

Halloween is not the bright and cheerful holiday that it used to be. I just peeked outside, and the street is swarming with -- (gasp!) -- monsters!

written by Paul Nordquist + performed by Monster Crossing

There's a monster on the loose
It's big and slimy green
Hey, now, whoa — is this a Monster Halloween?

There's a monster on our street
Everybody scream
Now we know it's a Monster Halloween

Please don't feed the monsters
When they come to your door
'Cause if you feed the monsters
We'll just end up with more monsters

Trick or treat.
Oh, you look adorable! What a terrific mask!
Mask? What do you mean, m— oh right, mask, yeah, yeah.
Ha, ha! Here you go!
Thank you — human.

There's a monster on the cover of Monster magazine
Now everybody knows this is Monster Halloween

Monsters everywhere!
What a scary scene
There's nowhere left to run
'Cause it's Monster Halloweeen

Monsters, monsters...

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