Kids' Zong of the Week -

September 19, 2004

It's Nonsense Day

This song is called "It's Nonsense Day." What's it about? It's about half past three... although my watch has been a bit slow lately. Oh, the song. It's about... have you ever played toe chess? Your toes are the chessmen! It's crazy! So, it's kind of like that. Only more dignified.

written by Paul Nordquist + performed by Zongo Python's Frying Sandwich

It's Nonsense Day for boys and girls
It's the Nutcracker Feast for cute little squirrels
It's the Hometown Parade all over the world
It's Paradox Day tonight

I like ugly things, stupid things
Onion rings with airplane wings
I play chess with sixteen kings
And that's how I got this job

I like rubber boots, rubber bands
Rubber gloves on dirty hands
We built this city on shifting sands
And sixteen cans of beans

It's the Monsters' Ball for boys and girls
It's the kitty-cat race for cute little squirrels
Right here, right now, all over the world
It's "No, So, Stop That" Day

Yankee Doodle want to town
With an elevator man and a circus clown
He picked up his trunk, then he put it down
On a sleigh-bed full of eggs

So hop hop hop to the corner store
Tell 'em you need a dinosaur
If the price is good buy sixteen more
'Cause this is a hungry bear

It's Tomorrow Day for boys and girls
It's the Paradox Race for rabbits and turtles
It's the fight against fish all over the world
It's the Breadbox Moon tonight
It's Sunburn Day tonight
It's Nonsense Day tonight

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