Green Beings - Original eco-veggie-conscious-pop music

Slippin' the Food Chain

Music and lyrics by Vance Lehmkuhl
From the album, "Electric Green"

He knew the bizniz deal was dog eat dog
And so he had no time for dialogue
Until the day he gasped and dropped
From power lunchin' clawin' to the top

Doctor said you'll reap what you sow
So climb on down, get with the flow
He's livin' lower on the food chain
He's eatin' slower and choosin' whole grains
He's losin' weight now, and that's a big gain
It's not too late now, he's learned to maintain

It wasn't part of her philosophy
The story line of how meat comes to be
Until the leg of lamb she chanced to see
She put it all together, one two three

Now the links were all exposed
She's changed her ways now that she knows
She's treadin' lightly and bringin' less pain
She's doin' rightly to use her whole brain
She was locked in tightly
But now she's slippin' the food chain

I gave the standard American diet the drop kick
Slippin' right outa the food chains
And I finally learned how to use chop sticks
Skippin' the fast food chains
Ever since I gave my devil-may-care ways the deep six
And find the right mix
I found out that my vital signs are all on an uptick
They're all on an uptick tick tick tick tick tick

Now we've found some common ground to grow in
We're livin' lower on the food chain
We're eatin' slower and that's a big gain
'Cause it's delicious just like a champagne
And so nutritious (I love the plantains)

We're treadin' lightly and bringin' less pain
We're doin' rightly, we're gonna sustain
We're sleepin' nightly, now we're slippin' the food chain
Now we're slippin' the food chain

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