Bush cancels Christmas; Dec 25 now 'Freedom Day'

US launches pre-emptive invasion of North Pole

Cheney: Santa's sack is full of "toys of mass destruction"

Bush's new 'Axis of Evil': the North and South Poles

Santa Claus added to terror no-fly list

Enormous oil deposits detected at North Pole

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This website (along with the "Fahrenheit 12/25" song and CD) is a parody and is not affiliated with or authorized by Michael Moore or the distributors of "Fahrenheit 9/11," or, for that matter, Ray Bradbury or the publishers of "Fahrenheit 451."

All proceeds from Fahrenheit 12/25 were donated to the UN World Food Programme. The WFP helps take care of basic survival needs of ordinary people around the world who find themselves in difficult circumstances. If you want to give a Christmas gift that will be truly appreciated, we encourage you to make a donation directly to the WFP.

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